gold-watchReine Technology and Findings

Reine Jewels is a global leading manufacturer of high quality fine jewelry. Development of innovative technologies is a natural process stemming from years of experience in the industry. Our proprietary technologies now available to the industry include Wonderclik for huggie earrings and invisible settings suitable for any type of metal and stones, including all colored gem stones such as topaz, amethyst, garnet, peridot, etc.

With these unique technologies, Reine is able to offer clients the best of both worlds:

A manufacturing service of complete custom-made products based upon advanced technologies;
The opportunity to purchase our high quality and reliable findings to existing jewelry manufacturers.

Invisible Settings

invisible-diamond-settingsInvisible settings enable impressive display of an array of stones. Whether presented and set within a ring, a pendant, earrings or a watch, invisible settings provide a profusion of opulence.

Reine Jewels' invisible settings offer a new horizon in Jewelry and timepiece settings. The Company's unique technology enables reliable settings, in a virtually unlimited range of materials: platinum, gold, silver, titanium, stainless steel, and even plastic.
Reine Jewels is currently the only known company to offer this exciting setting technology, that facilitates the setting of colored semi-precious stones and gemstones, as well as diamonds.

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Secure Patented Wonderclik Earrings

WonderclikHuggie and hoop style earrings are popular items of jewelry worldwide. However, there has been uncertainty surrounding unfastening of the earrings, and possibly falling out and becoming lost. The need to avoid valuable potential loss from both the clients and the retailers' perspective was paramount in our new patented design.

Reine Jewels offers the answer: Wonderclik - the most secure huggie technology available on the market.

Elegant Solution

Wonderclik technology presents an elegant solution which enhances the earring's design. Our design solution enables the creation of retractable, comfortable earrings without the use of steelsprings in the hinge.

Reliable Design

Wonderclik is a proprietary technology that provides elasticity to huggie earrings, without use of steel springs. If the earring accidentally opens, the Wonderclik technology keeps the ends close together with the help of an exclusive mechanism. This ensures that the earring does not fall off or get lost.

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E-Reine Software

About E-Reine Software

E-Reine Software was founded in 2008 and is specifically tailored for the Jewelry industry. The software is a real time on-line communication product that manages all components of your business from customer inquiry to product delivery.
The main focus in developing E-Reine software was to solve many common problems confronted by Jewelry retailers. All paperwork is completely eliminated, saving not only administration time but providing transparency within your entire organization with each and every sales/purchase entry.
A dynamic team of people work in an innovative and professional environment using the latest 'cloud' technology.

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About Reine Jewels

Reine Jewels is one of the highest precision manufacturers of gold and silver Jewelry in the world.
Our technology developed over the past 5 years is unique to our company ensuring product delivery of a standard, finish, and quality that is unmatched.