Concept Development

hwc1Develop your own range with Reine Jewels. Reine Jewels has a dedicated design arm to produce new client concepts from the initial stage of design development through to specification scheduling and then manufacture.

Many of our clients have developed their own range of earrings , pendants and rings unique to their store with huge success. This is a service we provide to our clients at no cost upon placement of orders. Do not hesitate in calling us to discuss further any of the above services and products we can provide for your business and our terms and conditions of joining.

Our clients can provide us with an idea, sketch or image and with our design team we can deliver the piece to exact proportions and of the highest quality.

From Concept Design to Final Product


About Reine Jewels

Reine Jewels is one of the highest precision manufacturers of gold and silver Jewelry in the world. Our technology developed over the past 10 years is unique to our company ensuring product delivery of a standard, finish, and quality that is unmatched.